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5 things you can do today to reduce air pollution

Every year from September to December the air quality in major cities of India plummets ranging from severe to hazardous. There are multiple factors responsible for this damage including season change, burning of crops, low wind speed and Diwali crackers. The result is a surge in number of people with cardiac, diabetes & breathing problems. While we can’t influence climactic factors, in our individual capacity we all can take small but effective steps to reduce air pollution.

Simple steps you can take today to reduce Air Pollution by SLAP NGO

(Image Credit: Pexels)

5 things that you could start doing instantly to contribute to protecting our environment:

1. Look for energy star label when buying home or office appliances. Conserve energy where and when you can.

2. Use Car pool, public transportation, bike or just choose the healthy option of walking to reduce car emissions.

3. Get your car duly serviced and checked for pollution from time to time. Something as simple as keeping the car tyres properly inflated can optimize fuel consumption and minimize vehicular pollution.

4. Plant Trees. This point can’t be emphasized enough. Forests are lungs of our planet. The more trees you plant the more you contribute to saving the environment.

5. Don’t burn firecrackers. Last but not the least, Diwali is a festival of Lights. Celebrate it with diyas and avoid burning firecrackers especially the Hunters, Sparkles etc. If you must burst crackers, look for the eco-friendly options.

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If we don’t care for the air we breathe, ultimately we only have to pay the price for it. Take these small steps today to prevent air pollution.

(Dr Mayank Saxena is Consultant & Head of Dept, Respiratory & Sleep medicine at Yatharth Hospital, Noida, Sec 110)

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