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Power Snacks to Keep You Energetic during Navratri Fast

What is fasting without a little feasting? For some of us, the best part about fasting is of course ‘vrat ka khana’. With fast special munchies mushrooming on grocery racks, it is almost as if the season tempts us to indulge in ‘vrat special’ snacking. These healthy snacks will keep you energized as you go through 9 (or less) days of rigorous fasting.

Makhana: This gluten free, high protein snack is rich in micronutrients. According to health experts, what makes roasted Makhana an ideal snack is its low Glycemic Index. In simple words, Makhana gets digested slowly, releasing energy gradually and keeps you feeling full for a longer time.

Coconut Laddu: Even though you don’t really need additional reason to have this delicious snack here is why you can consume it guilt-free. Coconut is rich in medium chain triglycerides which have a heart protecting and blood pressure reducing effect.

Dates: Packed with nature’s goodness Dates are power house of energy. During fasting when the energy levels seem to diminish pop-in a few dates for instant energy lift.

Nuts: Think almonds, cashews, walnuts or even peanuts. You are spoilt for choice and flavor. You can have them sweet or salty, raw or roasted. Grab a handful to get an energy boost in between meals. Nutritionists recommend nuts as the rare super-foods that help in weight loss despite being loaded with calories.

Lassi: Not exactly a snack but lassi is a refreshing way to hydrate the body while providing it with essential nutrients. Ayurveda experts point out that lassi is a healthier alternative to curd. Reach for a glassful to prevent acidity due to long gaps between meals.

Indulge in power snacks 2-3 times a day to power through Navratri fasts and keep hunger pangs at bay.

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1 Comment

Sheetal Tewari
Sheetal Tewari
Oct 10, 2018

Very informative article. Thanks a lot Ms. Dharti Shah and Mriganks Dadwal for the wonderful Contribution on this Navratra.

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