Our Signature Workshops & Talks aimed at

1. Real-life threat simulation like defending yourself during an assault, kidnapping, street harassment etc

2. Designed specially for Women/Girls)



With Govt taking stringent measures to ensure companies adhere to clear Sexual Harassment Prevention policy, this 60 minute session is designed for

A) ICC Members

B) Staff Sensitization


LEADERSHIP for women

Breaking stereotypes & communication barriers that prevent women from asserting their Natural Leadership skills via this boot camp. Program designed for young women in secondary school/higher educational spaces


Talk on Sexual Harassment by SLAP
SLAP educating at a Seminar on Sexual Harassment Prevention
SLAP training at Delhi University
SLAP conducted a 24 workshop series with Govt of India to train girls against stalking, assault & harassment
Women Safety Workshop by SLAP
Women learning Self-Defense and Safety Hacks at a SLAP session
Street Play on Gender by SLAP
Breaking Gender Stereotypes through a hilarious Street Play at a college fest
Women Self Defense by SLAP
SLAP trainers demonstrate fight back techniques to overpower an opponent double your size
SLAP trains at beauty pageant
Contestants of Mrs Delhi NCR beauty pageant got trained by Team SLAP on personal safety
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Minister Vijay Goel with SLAP team
Honorable Minister Shri Vijay Goel kicks off the Safe Delhi campaign for women safety with SLAP Team
Delhi Police & SLAP Founder
DCP PCR Monika Bhardwaj ji supporting SLAP's initiative on the sets of DoorDarshan
SLAP's financial literacy workshop
SLAP's educator teaches kids the basics of financial literacy
SLAP at IIT Delhi Rendezvous Fest
SLAP organized a Street Art contest at IIT Delhi fest to sensitize youth and future corporate leaders on Gender Equality
Breaking Gender Stereotypes by SLAP
A still from SLAP's session to break gender stereotypes among young boys & girls
SLAP's Child Abuse workshop
Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse session with Parents & Kids -- Barriers break when people talk
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